Our family

The Puelles Family has been settled in Ábalos since immemorial times with a winemaking tradition that is similar to its existence.  

The current generation, the Puelles brothers (Jesús and Félix), enlarged the Molino Estate and converted it into a lovely wine cellar, standing alongside the old 17th century mill which the family bought from the town council in 1844.


Our ancestors began to produce wine many years ago, although officially, the wine began to be commercialized in 1974 and was in 1987 when we bottled for the first time in El Molino (Bodegas Puelles).

The facilities are designed to achieve the highest quality throughout the process: gently destemmed, controlled fermentations and natural refrigeration as a result of the Mill river, which once used its water, runs its own course. The pressing is carried out by the pneumatic air pressure system.

Wine Aging

Our barrel cellar is located underground. This location allows us to have a controlled temperature without oscillations and with a correct humidity. 

We use French and American oak barrels, which provide texture in the form of soft tannins from the oak and special aromas from the careful toasting they have.

Experience, Commitment and Knowledge

The team